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Here's what to expect when beginning your experience with NOBA:


  • First all insurance information will need to be provided to NOBA (Zachary Eagle,, 203-952-4448)
  • Then insurance will provide funding information, including hours and rates for assessments
  • Once assessments are completed and the authorization for services is placed to insurance, the number of hours your child will receive will be determined

​Before beginning services:

  • An assessment period will begin to determine potential goals
  • Next a family meeting is scheduled to discuss the priorities of these potential goals
  • Then scheduling is determined based on the availbility of hours and staff members in regards to location
  • Next our staff will begin establishing rapport with your child through pairing techniques
  • Then a binder will be created with programs that reflect goals and objectives to be addressed during therapy
  • Finally materials will be made, when needed, which can include token boards or visual schedules​

​When receiving services:

  • Therapists will implement programs in the setting chosen prior to the start of services
  • Data will be collected on a daily basis by the therapist
  • The data that is collected will be graphed on a weekly basis by the therapist
  • Weekly meetings will be held to determine the progress of your child
  • Any changes will be made on an ongoing basis, when necessary
  • Parent training will be provided as needed

​The 6 Month Review will:

  • Determine the effectiveness of treatment
  • Review a progress report
  • Plan for future goals and objectives
  • Set up a plan for ongoing team meetings and parent training

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Please CLICK HERE and complete the information to be contacted by a representative.

NOBA Services, LLC

Nicole Orsini, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Charleston, SC