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Meet the Team

Nicole and her team use a variety of methods to individualize programs and services to effectively reach client's needs. Each child receives a detailed ABA program based on their strengths to further enhance skills and address weaknesses in a positive and motivating way.

​NOBA Services, LLC is dedicated to provide the best quality of services catered to increasing independence and individuality. We handle complex behavior issues and teach a variety of skills from self help and academics to social language and play.

Our team of therapists has a wide variety of expertise in the field and are dedicated to our families and individuals. Each therapist is highly trained to work with children diagnosed with autism spectrum and other related disorders. All of our therapists receive ongoing training and love working with children. Our team is dedicated to implementing ABA and positively impacting all children and their families.

We strive to help your loved one, and your family, overcome the challenges that hold you back. We want you to live life to the fullest of your potential in every way. We work with people to identify and address their unique needs, in collaboration with the family, school, doctors and other therapists, and community, because people are most successful when everybody buys-in. We will develop and implement a treatment plan for you, from scratch, drawing upon our years of experience, and monitor your loved one's progress so that we can adjust the treatment plan when s/he is ready to move on to bigger and better things.

Nicole Orsini, BCBA


Nicole Orsini is a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) who earned her Masters of Science in Behavior Analysis from Simmons College in Boston. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Nicole began working with children on the autism spectrum in high school. Nicole is most influenced by her cousin, who has autism, and strives every day to increase his independence and enjoys being with his family and peers. Because of this, Nicole has worked in a variety of settings to gain experience, and has an adamant policy of individualizing programs to effectively and efficiently support the individuals she works with. Nicole has dedicated her time to working under the top professionals in the areas of verbal behavior, socialization, dual diagnoses and food related issues. Nicole has worked with Vincent Carbone, Sarah Ward, Michelle Garcia- Winner and Karen Levine to elevate her skills to work with dual diagnoses, executive functioning disorder, ADHD, anxiety related disorders, OCD, ODD, and many others. With this amazing opportunity, Nicole has perfected her craft and is thrilled to be able to bring the quality of services she provided in New York and Boston to the families in South Carolina. This has been Nicole’s dream for a decade- and with passion and determination she is so honored to be working with an amazing team of behavior analysts, and truly inspirational, and dedicated families.

Zak Eagle


​Zak is the son of a behavioral pediatrician and psychotherapist, and, likewise, has had a lifetime of exposure to conventional as well as alternative thinking when it comes to behavioral and other challenges we face as individuals, families, and communities. Before coming to South Carolina to help Nicole found NOBA Services, LLC, Zak was (is) an attorney in New York, primarily dealing in benefits, including insurance. Zak has helped many NOBA Services, LLC clients navigate insurance so they can get the care they need. Zak is well traveled, and his breadth of experience includes volunteering in hospitals in South America, mentoring children in the United States, teaching English in Europe, and many things in between.

NOBA Services, LLC

Nicole Orsini, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Charleston, SC